Dr. Sheu, MD, FAAD is a board-certified medical dermatologist. She enjoys treating patients of all ages and particularly enjoys getting to know the families and friends of her patients. She does not practice cosmetic dermatology (which focuses on skin beauty rather than skin health). New patient appointments are scheduled for up to 15 minutes. Please arrive on time for your appointment so we have sufficient time to address your concerns.


Dr. Sheu practices at Valley Medical Center's Maple Valley clinic on Maple Valley-Black Diamond Road. The reception desk is shared with Urgent Care. Please note, the clinic has moved and Valley Medical Center no longer offers dermatology services in Covington.

New Patients

How to Make the Most of Your Visits

Please prepare a detailed list of your previous treatment attempts including specific medication names, how often they were used, dates of use, and treatment outcome.

If you have a history of skin cancer, please have your most recent dermatologist’s office fax your records to our office. Our fax number is 425-690-9181.   

Most visits in our office are scheduled for up to 15 minutes and are typically enough time to cover one issue (such as a skin check). Follow up visits are scheduled for longer blocks if medically indicated. Full body skin checks take an entire visit, especially if a biopsy is necessar. Of note, our offices do not offer cosmetic consultations or services (Botox, filler, laser, skin care regimens).

*Medically urgent issues (suspected cancer, life- or function-threatening rashes) can take longer than the allotted appointment time. I will be late for subsequent patients; I apologize in advance.

Late Policy

Please arrive on time for check in, which is 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment start time. 

When I am able to do so, I work late patients back into the schedule. I will generally see my early or on time patients first, then see patients who checked in after their appointment start time. The wait can range anywhere from minutes to hours - it simply depends on how many on time or early patients come in that day. Depending on how busy the schedule is, the front desk may ask you to reschedule.

MyChart Messages 

MyChart messages are intended for non-urgent, brief follow up questions regarding issues that were addressed at your office visit. Examples of situations that can be addressed through MyChart: 

* You are not sure how to take the medicine prescribed by your doctor

* You have a non-urgent question about healing from your biopsy or surgery (for urgent concerns like infection, please call our office)

MyChart messages do not replace the need for follow up visits. If you are not improving as expected, if you have a new concern, if you are requesting a new medication, or if have a detailed or multipart question, you will be asked to schedule an in person or video follow up visit. 

For urgent matters (infection, severe symptoms), you may need care at an Urgent Care or Emergency Room.


Many medicines can be refilled for up to 1 year after your visit. If it has been more than one year since your last visit, you still have an active problem to treat, and you are running out of refills, please schedule a follow-up appointment to avoid interruption to your treatment.

Some medicines require closer follow up and/or labs and cannot be safely refilled for 1 year at a time. Your doctor will let you know if your medicine needs closer follow up. 

For long term medications that do not require close follow up or labs, your doctor will often prescribe 1 year of refills at the time of your visit. Please request refills directly from your pharmacy unless you have run out of refills.